Acetone: Is a Solvent that dissolves other substances. Used as a polish remover and to remove acrylic nails.

Backfill: A maintenance procedure performed every four to six weeks on acrylic nails to remove the grown out free-edge area and replace the smile line.

Callus: Caused by friction on the skin from an external force. Superficial, thickened patches of the skin.

Cuticle: The crescent of toughened skin, around the base of the fingernails and toenails, that partially overlaps the Luna.

Electric File: Professional machines made specifically for the nail industry, with educational support from the manufactures who make them.

Fills: The addition of acrylic to the new growth area of the nails, this procedure should take place every two to three weeks.

Forms: Paper with adhesive-backs that are placed under the free-edge or at the fingers’ ends to extend acrylic past the finger tip.

Free-Edge: The part of your nail that extends over your finger tip.

Gels: Comes from the consistency of the product, which is thick and gooey. Therefore many products get away with calling themselves “Gels.” However, most salon professionals agree that a “true” gel is one that is cured under ultra violet light.

Hypo-Allergenic: Having a decreased tendency to provoke an allergic reaction. Gels do not have the monomers in it like the Monomer Liquid that acrylics have.

Manicure: Standard service performed by nail technicians, which includes care & massage of Hands & trimming, shaping & polishing fingernails. (Manicure in Latin means: Manus meaning Hand and Cura meaning Care.)

Masks: Composed of mineral clays, sea extracts, Hydrating Alpha Hydroxy Acids, aromatherapy oils & other therapeutic skin softeners, give your hand or feet a special “Mud Facial” experience.

Monomers: Individual molecules that join together to make a polymer. (This is Monomer the purple colored liquid used for acrylics.)

Nail Tip (Tips): An artificial nail mad of plastic, nylon or acetate that is adhered to the natural nail to add length.

New Growth: Is the area near the cuticle where your nail grows. It is noticeably lower than the rest of your acrylic nail.

Paraffin Wax: Stimulates circulation and the deep heat helps to reduce inflammation & promote circulation to the affected joints.

Pedicure: Standard service performed by nail technicians, which includes care & massage of Feet & trimming, shaping & polishing toenails. (Pedicure in Latin means: Pedis meaning Foot and Cura meaning Care.)

Polymer: Substances formed by combining many small molecules (monomers), usually in long, chain-like structures (This is Acrylic Powder).

Rebalancing: What used to be called “Fills.” The arch of the nail must also be repositioned in order to restore strength at the stress point where most cracks appear, and the free edge is reshaped and excess length adjusted in order to retain the proper balance to the overall structural integrity of the extension.

Stress Point: The area above the smile line. An extra ball of acrylic is placed there to give more strength.

UV Cured Gels (Light-Cured Gel): A type of gel used with artificial nails that hardens when exposed to an ultraviolet or halogen light source.