Currently the most durable and versatile enhancement product on the market.

When properly applied and maintained today’s acrylics are natural looking and non-damaging to the natural nail.

I proudly use professional acrylic products by Young Nails, EZ Flow Color and select products from Creative Nail Design.

None of my acrylic products have MMA in it.

All my Acrylic Enhancements are sculpted on Forms.

Tips can be used if requested for an extra $5.00.

Pink and White Acrylic Enhancements

Acrylic sculpted over Forms using pink and white polymers to create a natural- looking and permanent “French Manicure” look that does not need polish.

Polymers are available in different shades of pink and white to best suit your personal preferences.

Color / Glitter Acrylic and 3D Nail Art Enhancements

All of my Color / Glitter Acrylics are custom blended in-house and are available in over 100 different colors. Color / Glitter Acrylics is a great way to dress up a traditional French Manicure style and it won’t chip, fade, or wear off the tip like polish.

Dress up your enhancements with 3-D nail art sculpted from pigmented acrylic!

Add a flower, add lots of flowers!

I’m always working on new designs and open to suggestion!

3-D and inlaid designs $5.00 per nail. Please book in advance to allow sufficient time.

FINALLY! An answer to polish that chips, peels, and wears off natural nails within days of application!

These specially pigmented polymers can be mixed to your specifications to produce just about any color you can think of!

These overlays can be done with Acrylic or Gel.

Overlays are thin and durable and will last for weeks on natural nails. Looks just like polish! Only your nail technician will know for sure!


Gels have been on the market for a long time now, but are just recently coming into their own as an increasingly popular enhancement product.

UV Cured Gels are lightweight and more flexible than acrylic. This flexibility allows for better adhesion than other enhancement products, this, and gel’s crystal clarity and tendency to cure to a high shine without polish or topcoat, make them very popular.

Gels are more expensive than other products too, and many discount salons have begun to capitalize on this by charging higher prices for “Gel Nails”.

In many cases, these so-called “Gel Nails” turn out to be nothing more than traditional acrylics with a UV Cured Top Coat or Gel Sealant over them. By being an informed consumer you can avoid getting ripped off by one of these unscrupulous salons!

Gel is NOT a powder and liquid product!

They are applied directly to the nail like thick polish and then cured under an Ultra Violet Light. Usually Gel nails require 2 to 4 coats of Gel application to make up the enhancement. They do not require an initial application of traditional acrylic (powder & liquid).

Most Gels are virtually identical to acrylic in chemistry and up until recently Gel services remained unsuitable for clients with monomer sensitivities because of this.

However, new products have recently been introduced that are Hypoallergenic and excellent for those with chemical sensitivities!

All Gel products that I use are Hypoallergenic.

All my Gel Enhancements are sculpted over Tips. Tips give your enhancement a stronger longer lasting nail, the Tip gives your nail tip (free edge) on your enhancement extra strength and it will not crack or break as easy.


What we used to call simply “Fills” have become “Rebalancing” in today’s more informed and technologically aware world. Rebalancing has become the accepted term today because it involves so much more than simply reapplying product at the cuticle where the nail grows out.

The arch of the nail must also be repositioned in order to restore strength at the stress point where most cracks appear, and the free edge is reshaped and excess length adjusted in order to retain the proper balance to the overall structural integrity of the extension.

Whew! Bet you didn’t know it was THAT involved!

Regular maintenance is recommended every two weeks to ensure proper performance from the products. This will greatly reduce lifting, breaking, and the risk of infection and keep nails looking well maintained.

Remember…The idea is to get them rebalanced BEFORE they start breaking or lifting!


For French Nails, a French Rebalancing (Back Fill) involves refreshing the white tip as well as rebalancing the new growth in order to maintain that natural “French Manicure” look.

For Color Nails, a Color Rebalancing (Back Fill) involves refreshing the color tip as well as rebalancing the new growth.

This is done by using the electric file to remove the top layer of the tip and backing up the natural smile line of the nail. Then new tip color is reapplied, as well as rebalancing the entire enhancement structure.

Many clients prefer to have a French / Color Rebalancing every two weeks with their regular maintenance and I prefer it that way also, in order to keep my work looking its best at all times.

However, most folks can get away with a French / Color Rebalancing once a month or every other rebalance.

French / Color Acrylics do not have to be removed entirely and a new set applied in order to maintain the white tip.

French / Color Rebalances are an advanced technique, and not all salons are proficient at them, I recommend you ask about methods for maintaining the French look when choosing your nail technician.


Yup, on your piggies! Great for restructuring damaged toenails, and can help “retrain” ingrown nails. Or just because they look fabulous! Acrylic Toe Nails only need rebalancing once every 8 to 10 weeks.

Perfect for Sandal Season!

Also, try Design Artistry Sculptured nail art on your toes! Too cute!


Nail enhancements should NEVER be “ripped” or “clipped” off! I’ve also heard of salons that use a Tip (like the ones used for extensions) pushed up between the natural nail and the enhancement product to “pop” off the old product. These methods are painful and will contribute to unnecessary damage to the natural nail.

My professional removal process is PAINLESS and NON-DAMAGING to the nails.

I place an acetone-soaked cotton pad on each nail, wrap the finger tip in foil, and then place each hand in a heated mitten. It takes about 40 minutes for acrylic to dissolve so that it can be gently rolled off with a file. Afterward I reshape the nails. I strongly recommend a manicure with this service if you are not immediately replacing the enhancements.


A Manicure includes pushing back cuticles, trimming shaping and polishing nails as well as a hand massage. Manicures are a basic part of good hand care. They are ideal for MEN and Women. There are just as many men out there that get manicures as there are women.

I have three different Manicures available the Essentials, Pamper Me and Spa Manicures.

The Essentials Manicure

Includes: push back cuticles, file nails, cuticle treatment, hand massage, polish nails.

The Pamper Me Manicure

Includes: push back cuticles, file nails, cuticle treatment, ten minute paraffin wax, longer hand massage then Essentials Manicure, polish nails.

The Spa Manicure

Includes: push back cuticles, file nails, cuticle treatment, ten minute mask, longer hand massage then Essentials Manicure, polish nails.

As you can see I do not soak you fingers in water. Water dries skin and causes waterlog nails which causes polish to peel and nails to split.

I am also working on part of these manicures which would include your hands to be put into plastic liners and then would be resting in a heated aromatherapy mitten which would help soften cuticles but not make your nails soft and waterlogged. These mittens will become available soon!

If you would also like to be notified about these mittens when they are available please E-Mail me with your information.

Upgrade your manicure experience and results by adding Exfoliating Sugar Scrub $5.00


A Pedicure is a therapeutic beauty and massage treatment for your feet.

A Pedicure includes pushing back cuticles, trimming, shaping and polishing toenails as well as a foot massage. Pedicures are a basic part of good foot care and are particularly important for clients who are joggers and dancers.

Pedicures are ideal for MEN and Women. There are just as many men out there that get pedicures as there are women.

I have three different Pedicures available the Essentials, Pamper Me and Spa Pedicures.

The Essentials Pedicure Includes: a foot soak, push back cuticles, file nails, callus treatment, foot file, scrub, foot massage, polish nails.

The Pamper Me Pedicure

Includes: foot soak, push back cuticles, file nails, callus treatment, foot file, scrub, ten minute paraffin wax, wax foot and toes, foot massage, polish toenails.

The Spa Pedicure

Includes: foot soak, push back cuticles, file nails, callus treatment, foot file, scrub, ten minute mask, wax foot and toes, foot massage, polish toenails.

I am currently working on an Ice Cream Pedicure. You will be able to build your own Ice Cream Sundae.

The Ice Cream Pedicure will include: One scoop of Vanilla or Chocolate (of a fizzing bath bomb) foot soak, push back cuticles, file nails, callus treatment, foot file, Strawberry, Vanilla or Chocolate foot scrub, ten minute Chocolate or Marshmallow mask, wax foot and toes, foot massage, and a Cherry on top (polish, your choice of color).

This pedicure is still a work in progress as soon as it will become available everyone will know!

If you would like to be put on a list to be notified when the Ice Cream Pedicure will become available please E-Mail me with your information and I will notify you when it becomes available.

I am working on getting a UV Top Coat for Pedicures and Manicures so that you can put on your shoes and go!

But in the mean time please remember to wear open-toe shoes or sandals so that polish will not smear.


I realize for most women this advice sounds gross, but pedicures involve oils, lotions, and potions that can clog hair follicles and microscopic skin abrasions left by shaving. This can lead to ingrown hairs, clogged pores, and even infections.

I want your pedicure to be a wonderful experience and that means watching out for health and safety issues too!

I don’t mind hairy legs! Trust Me!

I wholeheartedly recommend regular pedicures every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain the health and appearance of your feet, and I’ll be more than happy to provide that service to you.

Cancellation Policy

Please allow at least 24 hours notice to cancel any scheduled treatment and 48 hours for packages and group functions.

A 50% cancellation fee will be applied in the absence of adequate notice. A no show or cancellation made less than six hours will be charged 100% of service.
Cancellation Policy applies to same day bookings.

Thank you for your understanding.